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UniterAccredia 9001    UNITER BN UNI EN ISO 17100



ISO 9001:2015
ISO 17100:2017 (provision of translation services)
ISO 23155:2022 (provision of interpreting services)
ISO 9001:2015, settore EA: 35 - 37 (design and provision of language courses)
Our organization operates in compliance with the information security and data protection requirements laid down in the ISO 27001 standard.


Our Quality policy

The sharing by every member of staff of Interlinguae’s best practices and objectives, so as to ensure the correct provision of Interlinguae’s products and services at any time and under any conditions, as agreed with the client, while respecting the professional ethics of all stakeholders, the society and the environment around us.

Interlinguae Management and staff are aware of the delicate task of presenting the Client’s technical information, commercial proposals and corporate image in other languages for different cultures all over the world.

Interlinguae’s Quality policy therefore aims at supplying translation, interpreting and language training services so as to satisfy the client’s quality, professional and ethical expectations.

Objectives of the Quality policy

The Management of Interlinguae considers quality to constitute an essential company management tool, used to organise, manage and regulate the progress of the company, on the grounds that it entails:

  • an improvement in the organisation of the company
  • an improvement in the service provided to the client
  • an increase in the company's competitiveness
  • an increase in client loyalty
  • a growth in sales and a higher profit.

The Management of Interlinguae intends to pursue these objectives, paying particular attention to:

  • the quality of the services provided and the satisfaction of the client
  • an increased efficiency in our company's internal organization
  • ongoing professional development of our staff and providers.

Quality of providers

How providers (interpreters, translators and teachers) are involved and made aware of our ethos is key to Interlinguae’s Quality policy, insofar as it is crucial to the execution of qualityinterpretingtranslation and language training services. Therefore, Interlinguae guarantees the quality of the services we provide by appointing:

  • specialists best adapted to the category of service requested in terms of natural capacity, acquired competences, areas of specialisation, experience and reliability
  • providers who have reached a defined standard of reliability and quality.

Our Vendor Manager is responsible for the recruitment, screening and constant monitoring of in-house and freelance translators and interpreters, while our Director of Studies is responsible for the recruitment, screening and constant monitoring of our teachers. Regular training and refresher sessions, including webinars, are organised to promote an on-going vocational training for our staff.

All services are closely supervised by our Project Managers who assess, plan and monitor each job assignment. Every client is assigned a Project Manager who ensures that all goals established at the start of the project are met and that the clients are fully satisfied.

… but, at Interlinguae, the pursuit of quality never ends …




Milano: P.le G. dalle Bande Nere, 7
20146 - ITALY

Translations: Tel. 02 39290103

Language courses and exams:



Roma: via C. Troiani, 115
00144 - ITALY
Tel. 06 62286759


Interlinguae Srl

Head Office:
Parma Str. F. Cavallotti, 28
43121  - Italy 

Translations: Tel: 0521 503353

Language courses and exams:

P.IVA 01727830349
R.E.A. PR n° 175377
Cap. Soc. € 10.200,00 i.v.



Fidenza: Via Gramsci, 27
43036 - Italy
Tel. +39 0524 754624


Partner Company:

First Floor • 1 Des Roches Square • Witan Way • Witney • Oxfordshire OX28
4BE • England (UK)
Registered No. 7071176 VAT Reg. No.: 984 226300

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