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Interlinguae Points


INTERLINGUÆ POINTS are a network of partners who have been examined and vetted by Interlinguæ and can be found throughout Italy and abroad. INTERLINGUÆ POINTS were created to be closer to our clients and provide them with the full range of Interlinguæ’s top-quality language services.

Clients who contact one of our INTERLINGUÆ POINTS will use our services in their own city, with the guarantee of the high quality we provide in all our language services.

In addition, INTERLINGUÆ POINTS pass on to us requests for translation, interpreting services and language courses (online, delivered live by our own qualified native-speaker teachers, in-school or at your premises), allowing them to broaden the range of products they offer - and Interlinguæ’s head office gets back to them immediately!

We offer our experience and expertise at all INTERLINGUÆ POINTS, as well as the certification required to guarantee high-quality service.




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