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Our translators and revisers are native-speaker professionals who are highly qualified in terms of academic qualifications, experience and areas of specialisation based on the rigorous selection criteria stated in the standard ISO 17100:2017.

They have a university degree in translation or simultaneous interpreting and are graduates of top universities in Italy and around the world, or they have a degree in another field and have worked for years as translators, translating into their native language in that specific area.

Our worldwide network allows us to manage, in a short time, translations of high volumes and in different languages at the same time as well as to promptly provide urgent translations.

Translating is much more than a mere linguistic code-switching operation. Translating means correctly interpreting not only words and grammar, but also the real meaning and the writer’s intent. Besides, the correct terminology, the proper style and register must be used, while also being aware of the cultural issues of the target country, what the text will be used for and who the end-user or reader will be.

The profession of translator is not something just anyone can do. Even fully-bilingual speakers or skilled language teachers cannot perform like professional translators.

Once printed or published, written texts indelibly communicate your message, your image, your competence and your credibility. Always entrust your translations to those who can offer the experts best-suited to your language needs.

“Verba volant, scripta manent”


Whether we have to translate the user and maintenance manuals of your equipment or your technical data sheets, your contracts or your annual reports, your scientific articles or pharmaceutical product information leaflets, for instance, we always choose, amongst our linguists, the correct translators, revisers and/or reviewers specialised in each of these areas.
This is why we have such an extensive network of translators, revisers and reviewers!

For more information on “Language and Areas of Expertise” please click here.

When needed, our professional translators and revisers may be teamed with reviewers and consultants, such as doctors, lawyers, economists, engineers or other experts for every domain area.

Constant feedback with those who work for us and regular training and refresher courses allow for continuous interchange and improvement in the quality of our services.

In compliance with our ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality System and the ISO 17100:2017 standard for translation services, our translation process is divided into the following phases.
For more information on Work flow please click here.



Milano: Via Tortona, 74
20144 - ITALY

Translations: Tel. 02 39290103

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Roma: via C. Troiani, 115
00144 - ITALY
Tel. 06 62286759


Interlinguae Srl

Head Office:
Parma Str. F. Cavallotti, 28
43121  - Italy 

Translations: Tel: 0521 503353

Language courses and exams:

P.IVA 01727830349
R.E.A. PR n° 175377
Cap. Soc. € 10.200,00 i.v.



Fidenza: Via Gramsci, 27
43036 - Italy
Tel. +39 0524 754624


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