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Environmental sustainability


  • Interlinguae offers its employees smart working opportunities, allowing them to set flexible working hours, without being constrained to work in a particular location, and organising work according to stages, cycles and goals, arranged through an agreement between the employee and employer. This method helps our staff reconcile their life and work schedules, while fostering increased productivity. Smart working, as set out by Italian Law No. 81/2017, is defined by a focus on organisational flexibility, a willingness on the part of those who sign up for such individual agreements, and the use of equipment that allows employees to work remotely (e.g. laptop computers, tablets and smartphones).

  • The staff at Interlinguae are sparing in their use of consumables such as paper and stationary, and largely get to work via public transport (trains, buses and coaches) or sustainable means of transport (bicycles).

  • Interlinguae makes use of a coffee dispenser for visitors and clients. In 2016, the supplier introduced a new and innovative cup with a lower environmental impact, reducing Co2 emissions into the atmosphere by over 1000 tonnes a year.

  • Interlinguae’s courier service supplier uses 100% recyclable envelopes for shipments, made of at least 80% recycled polyethylene. This new packaging material allows us to reduce Co2 emissions by 40% per envelope and reduce post-consumption waste, as the material can be used several times and has an extended life cycle. The initiative is part of the wider ThinkGreen project.
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