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Online Language Courses




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We provide online language courses in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian as a second language. Further languages are available on request.

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Courses in real time

Students can participate actively in the lessons by connecting via their PCs, tablets or smartphones.

These courses are delivered in real time by our professional mother-tongue teachers, using state-of-the-art e-learning platforms, which not only ensure top-quality audio and video but also a high degree of interactivity.

The platforms automatically generate an attendance register, which is essential in the case of company-sponsored language training.

We safeguard the personal data of both our corporate and our private clients by using professional licences. Our platform managers have put in place security mechanisms such as BCRs (Binding Corporate Rules) or have implemented specific protocols such as the Privacy Shield. In order to provide further security, a unique password can also be set up for each client and course.

Our courses are interactive and the learning content can be downloaded from the platform at the end of every lesson. We guarantee that every activity will be easy to carry out, relevant, concrete and interactive.



Every single lesson is recorded and can be watched again as often as you like (for example if you miss a group lesson provided for your company, or just because you wish to watch or listen to your own lessons several times).


Following a comprehensive initial needs analysis, we work together to plan and develop a bespoke company-sponsored training programme with cross-industry funding to develop the language skills of your staff.

You can choose from one-to-one courses, courses for small groups, online courses with a tutor in real time, face-to-face courses, self-study courses with access to a tutor, or a blended, standard or flexible course.

We have earned the trust of our customers due to our professionalism, the range of specialised services we offer and our extensive experience in this sector.


   An efficient and effective method:

1. thanks to our highly interactive courses that foster development of the various language skills:
listening, speaking, reading and writing;

2. based on a communicative approach;

3.with a strong focus on everyday language as well as the language of work and business


An innovative e-learning solution for companies

We offer online language courses for general purposes or for business, as well as specialised language or sector-specific courses.

We offer specialised courses in the following areas:

  • LAW

The classes can be held for different branches in different countries and be organised for people carrying out the same business function. This flexibility is cost-effective and makes the best use of time, premises and resources.

Bespoke company-sponsored language training:

  • using cross-industry funding

  • based on the specific needs of the company

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What are the advantages of a real-time online course?

  1. You can study remotely, making the absolute most of your time, avoiding the time and money wasted by having to travel to classes (efficiency, flexibility and savings)
  2. You can track participants’ attendance if the course is part of a company-sponsored training programme (company-sponsored training)
  3. it is tailored to your employees and takes account of each person’s specific role within the company (tailor-made content)
  4. You can provide company-sponsored language training to staff working in different locations around Italy, ensuring they learn the same things (consistent training standards)
  5. The students will always have the same specific tutor who will teach them in real time and will stay with them throughout the course (continuity)
  6. Would you like to learn in an environmentally-friendly way? (environmental sustainability)

Our online language courses are organised according to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for describing language ability.

This training offer conforms to our ISO 9001 certification (sector EA 35-37) for the design and provision of language training.



Milano: P.le G. dalle Bande Nere, 7
20146 - ITALY

Translations: Tel. 02 39290103

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Roma: via C. Troiani, 115
00144 - ITALY
Tel. 06 62286759


Interlinguae Srl

Head Office:
Parma Str. F. Cavallotti, 28
43121  - Italy 

Translations: Tel: 0521 503353

Language courses and exams:

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R.E.A. PR n° 175377
Cap. Soc. € 10.200,00 i.v.



Fidenza: Via Gramsci, 27
43036 - Italy
Tel. +39 0524 754624


Partner Company:

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