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Remote multilingual simultaneous interpreting

The constant improvements to the technology have made it possible to provide remote multilingual simultaneous interpreting.
Interlinguae now uses highly specialised platforms (e.g. Kudo and Voiceboxer) that enable us to provide a service that is as good as interpreting in person.

These platforms ensure that your data is kept secure and that your privacy is protected, in compliance with the GDPR, and provide technical support during the international meeting, presentation, conference, fair or training course.

The interpreter logs on to your multi-channel remote simultaneous interpreting platform and connects to the channel in his/her own language. The interpreter shares his/her audio and screen with the people taking part in the event in real time and provides a simultaneous translation of what is being said.

It is possible to record what is being said (by the speaker and by the interpreter) and some platforms like ON24 provide a respeaking service for the remote interpreting: a simultaneous translation in the form of subtitles which is made available to the participants at the end of the event.

Compared with the costs of paying for a traditional simultaneous translation service, customers will make significant savings as they will not have to incur the costs of business travel (air fares, accommodation and meals) or the costs associated with the technical equipment normally required for this kind of interpreting.
Participants will need to have one of the following: a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet with headphones. You simply need to use your browser or you can download the special app to access the platform and obtain the interpreting service in your own language.
Our interpreters are highly qualified professionals who have been specially trained in the type of interpreting required. Furthermore, they carry out this service in a well-equipped, sound-proofed room with a fast, reliable internet connection.
As is the case with face-to-face simultaneous interpreting, remote interpreting also requires a team of two interpreters per language combination who take turns to do the interpreting.



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