Work Flow


In compliance with our ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality System and the ISO 17100:2017 standard for translation services, our translation process is divided into the following phases:

Preliminary analysis: the Project Manager (PM) assigned to the job carefully examines the client’s requests, analyses the material to be translated, identifies the type of translation and the right style and register for the final translation and targeted audience. The PM then decides what program or software will be used based on the language, the layout and the client’s requirements.

Planning: the PM selects, assigns and monitors the translators, revisers and expert consultants most suitable for that particular project and provides them with any glossaries or terminology memories the Linguistic Resources Manager (LRM) may have, or see that other suitable ones are compiled.

Production, revision, layout and DTP: once the initial translation has been completed, it undergoes a quality control in order to check for translation completeness and to be sure that all documented quality procedures have been followed throughout the translation process and meet the customer’s requirements. Depending on the nature of the translation, the PM may schedule a revision and/or a review for legal, medical, scientific, chemical-pharmaceutical texts or texts that will be printed or published, upon client's confirmation. Finally, the text is paginated using the layout program required by our clients. We then provide the final turn-key product ready for printing or publishing.

Delivery: the translation is delivered in the format and media specified. Translations are archived according to strict quality procedures to guarantee that they can be retrieved quickly. 

Follow up: the PM verifies the level of customer satisfaction, evaluating any suggestions that could improve the service provided.