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Interlinguae-CLS Bolzano

South Tyrol, with Bolzano as capital, is Italy’s most extensive province, and is distinguished by a very diverse economy. Industrial sectors, food and wine, renewable energy, are just some examples. Moreover, Bolzano’s geographical position makes it a city vital and strategic for the connections with the German-speaking world and Europe at large.

Our collaboration with CLS Consorzio Lavoratori Studenti, a recognised Life Long Living structure going back to 1974, active in various professional training fields and ISO 9001:2008 certified, is the result of a common vision and company mission.

Together we promote our services in South Tyrol, making the most of a service office perfected over many years.


Services offered by CLS

  • Life long learning, cultural initiatives, and personal development
  • Professional development with ‘In-company internship’ (Accredited Centre for ESF purposes)
  • Career orientation service and professional tutoring and coaching
  • Class-based language learning and study programmes abroad
  • Business courses, professional needs and training analysis, development of individual and company training programmes, identification of funding opportunities
  • Advice and planning of school educational programmes for failed students. University study support

Services offered by Interlinguae

  • Translations in conformity with ISO 17100:2015
  • Interpreting services in conformity with UNI 10574:2007
  • Online language courses for individuals via webinar (with live teacher support) in conformity with ISO 9001:2015 sector EA: 35-37
  • Online language courses with specific business content available for companies via webinar (with live teacher) in conformity with ISO 9001:2015 sector EA: 35-37
  • Examination centre for  BULATS exams in English, French, German, and commercial Spanish (Cambridge ESOL examination) as authorised by Cambridge University
  • PLIDA examinations for Italian as authorised by  Società Dante Alighieri


As our partner CLS receives and forwards all requests directly to Interlinguae for translation and interpreting, online language courses via webinar (with live teacher), and language examination certification enquiries. In this manner the total offer to clients is enhanced.

For further information, we ask you to refer to the relevant part of our website or to go to

Clients contacting our INTERLINGUAE POINT in Bolzano will be able to access all the abovementioned services and have the advantage of being served by two companies with a long and established record, offering certified services of an elevated quality level.

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