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Online Language Courses

(live via webinar)


Interlinguae WEBINÆRS®, available in English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Italian for foreigners, are innovative online courses designed and developed by our didactic team led by our Director of Studies and are the intellectual property of Interlinguae®.

These courses, representing an e-learning evolution, are delivered live by our own qualified native-speaker teachers, full use being made of a purpose built platform, with excellent audio and video quality.

Students may connect via PC, tablet or smartphone, and actively participate in the lessons with the teacher and other students. The courses are interactive and the didactic material can be downloaded from the platform at the end of every lesson.  Every WEBINÆ is recorded and is available to be reviewed (e.g. should the student be engaged at the time of the actual lesson).

WEBINÆRS® are a dynamic way to learn, easy and convenient for:

  1. people on the move who may not be able to attend our classes in person
  2. companies with several branches either nationally or internationally that need to find a bespoke employee training

it is an effective and efficient method because:

  1. the high level of interaction afforded allows the lessons to proceed employing all techniques as if in a classroom
  2. students have the chance to do extra study privately by reviewing the recorded lessons: a simple and fast method to keep track of the lesson content

The WEBINÆRS® are available in various formats – general English, commercial, and for special lexises. Also personalised WEBINÆRS® for staff having specific job profiles can be programmed (e.g. sales/export) or also for preparing for specific language examinations.

The company WEBINÆRS® may be personalised to respond to specific company requirements and may be financed through funds for professional training. Classes may be organised to respond to specific needs of one or more company branches or locations, enable delivery in different countries at the same time, and to respond to different job profiles and needs of personnel. In this way, there is maximum flexibility and opportunity to deal with cost division, time availability, space restrictions and resource capabilities.

WEBINÆRS® are divided in levels as laid down by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Courses follow our specific programmes and the contents are defined following a structure embracing various activities aimed to improve the four skills of comprehension, writing, oral communication, and listening. A communicative approach to learning is adopted throughout.

Interlinguae delivers its WEBINÆRS® at global level from its own offices in various locations.

This training proposal is in conformity with our certification ISO 9001, sectors EA35-37, pertaining to the design and provision of language training.


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